Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Season Opening

Lisa Says......

It's a big week for us!!
We open FRIDAY April 22.  
Many of you have already come by and we cannot wait to see ALL of you.
Please note that anyone coming up 16 should disregard the road closed signs at 163.
The road is open to Raccoon Holler.

Billy Says....

Hey Everyone!

Many have ask IF we are going to have church Easter Sunday morning. 


Church Services will start at 10:00am Sunday Morning.  Bring your Bibles and come celebrate the resurrection  of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.
Gary and I are looking forward to a wonderful season this year.
See you there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Raccoon Holler News Letter April 2011

Hello Everyone!

We are so happy to welcome you back. We hope all of you have a wonderful summer here in the beautiful mountains. It has been a relatively mild winter. We’ve had very little snow and cold weather (we like it that way). We hope you had a pleasant winter. If you have any address, phone or email changes, please be sure to let us know. We like to keep our files as up to date as possible.

We also have a number of new seasonals this year. Get out and meet your neighbors. Make them feel part of the family. Invite them to your site, show them around, accompany them to activities. Let’s help them get comfortable. There are some terrific folks staying with us.

It is with sad hearts that we remember three of our campers who passed away during the winter: Bonnie Johnson, Louis Brown and David Eidson.  Our sincere sympathy goes to each of these families. We will miss these wonderful folks. They will always be part of our campground family in our hearts.

We are welcoming a new member to the Raccoon Holler staff this summer. Please make welcome Mike Vannoy. He has been working with Louis all winter to get the campground in tiptop shape for you. He is looking forward to meeting and working with you. He will be living in the cabin just after you drive into the campground. If you have any problems after hours, just come knock on his door.

We are introducing some new t-shirts this year. We hope you will like them as much as we do. They have 4-color pictures of our favorite place on them! We’re excited by this new design. Come see!

Remember that we take reservations up to one season in advance. You may now make reservations for the 2012 season. Monthlies and holiday weekends are snapped up fast. Please be sure to let us know if you make a reservation and then for some reason cannot come. We are trying hard to keep from having to charge for no-shows but failure to cancel makes it hard on us. It is also unfortunate for those who are turned away and could have come. A quick phone call or email is all we need. Please help us in this way.

A reminder to seasonals and monthly campers: if you are here during the week, please try to make your scheduled payments and electric bill payments on Sunday through Thursday. It is difficult for us to juggle these payments while trying to check in the weekenders. We like to be as accurate as possible and this will help. Thank you.

The cable company has been busy installing a new fiber optic line in the area. They believe this will give us better and more consistent cable and internet service. Remember, if you have problems with your cable, please notify the office. If you call the cable company independently, the company will come to the campground for each call and the camper will be charged individually. It’s $35 to $50 a visit. It’s better to let us call them and get it fixed.

Lisa is on the board of the Paul and Florence Thomas Memorial Art School here in Glendale. It is a gorgeous location and they offer some wonderful classes. Raccoon Holler monthly and seasonal campers are being offered the same discount opportunity as Ashe County locals.

Local Tuition/Standby:  Residents of Ashe County (North Carolina) are eligible for reduced tuition for any regular course on a space-available, standby basis.  The discount may not be available for certain classes, and does not apply to the cost of materials for the class. Local residents may choose to pay full tuition in order to receive a confirmed space, if one is available. 
  • In order to receive the discounted rate, students must place their names on the waiting list at least 30 days prior to the first day of class.
  • The Art School will contact individuals on the waiting list at least 20 days prior to the first day of the class. The discounted tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration. 
  • Any registrations made after the 20-day deadline, regardless of residency, will be charged a full tuition.
  • Applicants must present proof of residence; a valid driver’s license, voter registration card, or utility bill with a local address will suffice.”
We encourage you to take advantage of this facility and this offer to our campers.
For those of you who are interested in new things to do, the Mountain Music Jamboree has been sold and is reopening in late May as the Blue Ridge Dinner Theater.  We don’t have details yet about what types of offerings they will have but it might be fun.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much to do so little time!!!!

We had a great time going down the New River with our friends this past week. This is Mick and Marsha paddling along side of us.

And of course ME.  

They told me I looked like I should be in the desert!

Yep,  that's us, the official "River Rats"

 There are so many things to see up here at Raccoon Holler.

This young Deer was on the parkway just above the campground.

And the Views are out of this world!

Just click on any of the photos to see larger image.

Well, gotta go now.
Y'all come see us!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey Everyone this is Billy,

We are having a great time this week at Raccoon Holler. The Fourth of July Festivities were wonderful and the river is cool and peaceful. If any of our followers got photos of the Golfcart parade send them to me at and I'll be sure to get them on the blog asap!

The camground is packed and we are here all week for vacation. Come by and see us on 10H. Bring a nice and COLD watermelon if you like!!!! :)

Church Services set a record this past SUNDAY. We had over 130 faithful people who wanted God to go with them on Vacation. :) PRAISE THE LORD!!!

I struggled through a couple of songs and Gary preached. Everyone had a smile on their face when they left and we felt so blessed to be here.

See you all soon!